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Chilli's security healthcheck for home users
  • Are you using the internet safely?

  • Are you sure that your PC is not harbouring viruses, Trojans or spyware?

  • Indeed, what ARE viruses, Trojans and spyware?

  • Did you know that, on average, each PC has 28 different pieces of spyware on it*, all downloaded without your knowledge and all advertising everything you do on the internet to various companies, some of which may be unscrupulous?
If you are concerned about the security of your home PC or system, telephone Chilli Computing. We can arrange a home visit to ascertain the level of security and privacy on your PC plus advise on and install the best software for you. All home security visits, including all advice given, are carried out at a competitive fixed rate; software purchases and installation charges are extra. Call us to find out more about our PC healthcheck service.

*Information from Earthlink website. Click here for more details.

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